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For more than 25 years, your Julia Filipe team has provided tax consulting, tax planning and tax compliance in Portugal with a focus on income and estate taxes. 

Our international clients represent both business and family accounts.  Services are specialized yet informed by the full spectrum of your personal needs.

As a boutique tax consultancy, we have the pleasure of providing customized and innovative approaches. 

Clients receive our undivided attention and around-the-clock availability regardless of size and complexity.

This promise and approach have attracted a wide range of return clients.


  • Experienced in many industries, we remain up-to-date with global changes and regulations.  Our clients are both domestic and global, representing Information Technology, Construction, Shipping, Aerospace, Intellectual Property, Wealth Management, Real Estate Investment, Aircraft industries and Family Business, Scientific Research and the University sectors.
  • Personal clients who’ve chosen to live or invest in Portugal rely on us to understand their home culture and ensure their personal and financial security in Portugal.  Clients represent the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, among others.


Services from the Julia Filipe team span a range of specialities combined with broad knowledge of our markets, allowing us to meet your needs with a well-planned, thorough response.  We think of your entire journey, not simply the next step, while studying and applying trends to remain in front of the marketplace.


  • The Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax regime and other aspects of complying with your tax residency in Portugal are vital considerations with which we have deep expertise.
  • As private wealth tax managers, we work with high net-worth Individuals to structure estate options to protect you and to transfer your wealth to future generations.
  • We are sought out by many international banks to support their clients looking at Portugal’s Golden Visa option.
  • International Executives turn to us to establish an effective tax basis and tax rates, both for personal income tax in Portugal and for Social Security Contributions.


International experience and clients

A trusted, personal, dedicated team

The total solution for otherwise complex decisions


Júlia Filipe is your single-stop boutique shop to ensure you truly enjoy all the benefits of Portugal that attracted you to move here. Proudly serving clients since 1991.

Curriculum Curriculum [205 Kb]

Coming to Portugal

■ Residence & domicile

■ NHR Regime (Non Habitual Residence tax regime)

■ Registration for the NHR 

■ Golden Visa Portugal

■ Migration step plan

■ Familiar reunion

■ Residence permit

■ House hunting

■ Fiscal representation

■ Residence permit

■ Corporate relocation

■ Economic citizenship & residency

■ Employment Advice

■ Inward Investment

■ Residence permit

■ Social Security contributions in Portugal

■ Health Care protection in Portugal

■ Structures to invest in Portugal

■ Accounting for small business in Portugal

■ VAT register services in Portugal for EU entities

Real Estate in Portugal

■ Asset protection structures

■ Company formation & services

■ Estate Planning

■ Local lodging services

■ Fiscal representation in Portugal

■ Tax representation in Portugal

■ Real estate taxes in Portugal (IMI in Portugal)

■ Property Transfer Tax in Portugal

■ Stamp Tax in Portugal

■ Wealth protection

■ Tax returns in Portugal

■ Insurance policies in Portugal

■ Mortgage loans in Portugal

■ Bank guarantees in Portugal

■ Relocation services 


Business Families & High Value Assets

■ Family Business Succession

■ Tax planning for Business Succession

■ Companies & other wealth management vehicles

■ Pensions schemes & remuneration

■ Holding structures under EU Directives

■ Intellectual property

■ Aircraft

■ Shipping

■ Super yachts

■ Real estate

■ Wills

Concierge & Family Office

■ Investment Control

■ Property Location & Sourcing

■ Property management

■ Design & architectural services